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GURMEET SINGH DANG completed B.Sc. Computer Science (Honours) nearby 1998 & have 24+ Years of various professional Experiences.

a) GURMEET SINGH DANG is a maker of World's first animated movie series on Modelling Pose "HOT AND BEAUTIFUL INTERNATIONAL 3D MODEL NANCY" which also teaches professional Modelling. This movie is also approved by CBFC (Censor Board) under U "Unrestricted" category, means anyone can watch this movie. This movie has also won many International Film Festival Awards. This movie can be watched at following OTT platform:

b) GURMEET SINGH DANG has also written, composed, sung & created 25+ superhit Songs & Music Videos etc.

c) GURMEET SINGH DANG has also developed Video Tutorials on various Subjects & Categories which are leveraged by 50,000+ Learners, Professionals, Engineers, Researchers, Entrepreneurs & Companies etc. in 150+ Countries.

d) GURMEET SINGH DANG has also created 25+ Photography related eBooks.

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e) At present GURMEET SINGH DANG is a sole proprietary Owner & Founder of GURMEETWEB TECHNICAL LABS. GURMEETWEB TECHNICAL LABS is one of the best International brand, also well-known for high quality, very creative & innovative Film Production, Music Production & Learning Materials etc. professional Platform for Global markets.

f) GURMEET SINGH DANG completed B.Sc. Computer Science (Honours) in 1999. With many years of experiences & various specializations, he is a well known Entrepreneur for creating & promoting useful, valuable, comprehensive, creative, qualitative & innovative Projects & Products etc. for Global markets.

g) GURMEET SINGH DANG is also a member of IMPPA Film Producers Association & ScreenWriters Association etc.

h) GURMEET SINGH DANG is also an owner of following three brands or registered trade marks: GURMEETWEB TECHNICAL LABS, GURMEET SINGH DANG & KNOWLEDGE IN MY VEINS. His sole proprietary firm/company GURMEETWEB TECHNICAL LABS is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified with few more registrations. GURMEETWEB TECHNICAL LABS was officially registered in December 2010.




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